The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism audio book

ethics_of_ancap_audibleI am excited to announce that The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism is now available as an audio book on Audible.

I had considered narrating the audio book myself. I even recorded the first few chapters. After listening to my recordings, though, I decided to find a professional. I’m glad that I did.

Madeleine Brolly produced the audio book with style. She brings the text to life in a way that most non-fiction books only dream of. Her narration is engaging and her character voices are distinct and charming. I had hoped that the book would be fun to read, but Madeleine’s performance makes it a pleasure to listen to.

So, even if you don’t normally go for non-fiction books, and maybe you aren’t that excited about ethics, this audio book may be the reason to dip your toe into the wild world of libertarianism.

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