one-star reviews

I waited a year before reading any online reviews of The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism. My goal was to collect the feedback all at once so I could use it to improve the book and release an update.

Let’s see what people thought:

I spent a lot of time thinking about the title for the book. The first working title was Liberty and Capital. If only I had spoken to Mel, it could have been The Anti-Vax of Political Ideologies.

When I began writing the book, I was worried about being repetitive since libertarianism has the same approach to every ethical problem: apply the non-aggression principle. I thought it might get a little dull asking the same two questions over and over: “First, is there a conflict? If so, who caused it?”

True, there isn’t much romance in the book. But while reading it, one of my cousins asked if there was some sort of romantic interest between the reader and one of the other characters. That probably makes it closer to a romance novel than most books on ethics. Except everything written by Ayn Rand, of course. Her stuff is steamy.

I don’t know about false, but I have to take dangerous as a complement.

I did research to try to make the narrative feel realistic. One of the navy officers I spoke with said that a certain situation that happens later in the book is unrealistic, but I kept it anyway. I didn’t make any comprises with the theory, though.

I must admit, I’m curious what happened in 2010.

I don’t totally follow, but I imagine it means that the book is bad and I should feel bad.

If you would like to share your opinion as well, but don’t want to post publicly, feel free to reach me here.

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