The Bob Murphy Show

Bob Murphy had me on his show this week, which was a real treat. We had a great discussion about why libertarian ethics cannot be defined with physics, what an anarcho-capitalist society might look like, and spent some time arguing semantics — in a good way. You can watch the interview below:

Thanks to Jacob Lovell for making it happen!

2 thoughts on “The Bob Murphy Show

  1. I can’t say I have a great knowledge of libertarianism, mainly what I got from your book. He asked you about any thoughts you had now related to Covid, which you didn’t go into great detail about. This might not really be the best discussion forum, but in my line of work I deal with a lot of public health issues (not just Covid), particularly in relation to kids. I feel like it was not addressed much in the book either (which I know you couldn’t cover everything), but what is (your) the libertarian view on how to manage public health issues?


    1. Public health is a big area, and I’m not particularly knowledgeable about it. Free markets tend to produce better outcomes than governments, but I don’t know exactly how things would differ in a libertarian society. In general, I would expect more experimentation and faster technological development.

      For reasons why the free market might produce better decision making, take a look at how government creates perverse incentives in this short video:

      For reasons why science tends to do better in the absence of government, check out this book:


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