Word Cloud book visualization

I thought it would be fun to visualize The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism as a word cloud, so I wrote a little script to produce one. Here is the result:


I was a little disappointed that the words freedom, liberty, and capital were not more prominent, but it’s my own fault for using other words more frequently.

Here is the python script (pastebin). It uses the WordCloud library to do most of the work:Continue reading “Word Cloud book visualization”

ebook file format conversion

calibreWhile writing The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism, I made heavy use of the excellent Calibre software suite to create and view ebooks. Specifically, I used the ebook-convert program to generate .mobi and .epub files. Then I used the Calbre ebook viewer to check the results.

On Ubuntu you can install Calibre with the following command:

    sudo apt install calibre-ebook

Then you can convert an html file to .epub with

    ebook-convert book.html book.epub

To make things easy, I used the following bash script (pastebin). It makes use of a few options and outputs to a few different formats.Continue reading “ebook file format conversion”

The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism

The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism coverToday, I’m releasing a new book called The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism. It explains what libertarianism is and how to use it to solve ethical problems. It is different from most books on libertarianism, though.

First, it is narrative non-fiction. It weaves the ethical theory into a story for a little flavor. If you prefer dry books full of academic references, you might be disappointed.

Second, it focuses on describing how libertarianism works using the idea of purposeful behavior. Libertarian ethical systems are most commonly based on property rights, though some authors have used anything from contracts to intuition. In contrast, this book builds a libertarian ethical system from praxeological foundations.

Finally, it emphasizes ethics over economics and, even within ethics, focuses more on personal ethics and problem solving rather than policy and politics.

The narrative introduces libertarianism in a gradual way, so it should be accessible to beginners. It also has a few advanced concepts that seasoned libertarians will appreciate.

You can buy an ebook or softcover copy here. A hardcover version will be available later this month and the audio book will be released in April. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Amazon author page: amazon.com/author/krisborer